United States in addition to having an advanced city life, this country also has a variety of natural charms such as mountains. These mountains are usually used as a hiking trail by lovers of hiking sports. The following are the best hiking trail in the US that must be visited by hiking lovers.

1. Grinell Gracier

This hiking trail has an altitude of 2100 m or 7000 feet and is located in the area of Montana, US. This trail is part of the Glacier National Park and has the nickname George Bird Grinnell.This glacier is a paradise for climbers because it has more than 90 miles of trails.

There are two ways to get to this place namely the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead or by crossing through the lake. Climbers will be spoiled with incredible views. There is an alpine meadow, the Grinnell Glacier home, a view of the foot of Gould Mountain and the Gem Glacier.

2. Half Dome

The second best hiking trail in the US is the Half Dome. This path has phenomenal heights so climbers need permission to get here.On mile 14, the obstacle will be very difficult because it is getting steeper.There are several things that must be prepared before climbing on this path.

Preparations include carrying a gallon of water and using hiking shoes with good traction. Hikers are advised to start climbing from the mist trail at dawn. Then walk 900 feet to pass the giant Veral waterfall and the Nevada Fall. Most importantly, climbers should not climb when it rains.

3. The Lost Coast Trail

The Lost Cost Trail has a hiking distance of 25 miles. In addition to being the best hiking trail option, this track has a lot of charm that attracts climbers to come there.This very epic place is located in North California.

Hikers can visit a lighthouse named Punta Gorda. There is also a soft and rocky sand beach that allows climbers to camp there. There, climbers will be served with views of red wood gardens and fern caves.

4. Zion Narrows

The next best hiking trail in the US is Zion Narrows. Located in Zion National Park, this track has canyon walls and rivers to be a hiking trail.What distinguishes this hiking trail with others is the absence of a road that is too steep.

The wall is protected from sunlight which would be nice in summer. In this route hikers will need permission when climbing or returning. But there is one more relaxed downward path starting at Sinawava Temple and ending at Big Springs. Bring good hiking gear and use waterproof shoes to avoid slipperiness.

5. Hoh River Trail

This hiking trail is in the Hoh rain forest area or rather in Olympic National park. At an altitude of 31 miles, hikers will be presented with a view of a very lush rainforest ecosystem.There are cypress trees, cedar trees, moss stretches and green ferns.Along the road to the foot of Mount Olympus, you can find a place for camping.

Hikers must equip themselves with various equipment to deal with rain. In addition there is a beautiful Blue Glacier that can be taken. This place is also a wild area that has wildlife such as black bears and deer. Therefore, hikers must consult themselves before coming to this place.

The place above is the best hiking trail in the US. With hiking, people can release the stress that has been obtained while working. In addition, the body can become fitter with this one sport.