What To Prepare For Traveling Overseas, The Important Things To Bring And Consider

Traveling is an interesting thing that many people interested in. however, when you decide to go traveling, especially traveling overseas, we need to bring a complete belonging that we need along the traveling time. Therefore, we need to prepare everything before go traveling overseas. However, deciding what we need and what should we bring is not an easy thing. We usually avoid lagging all the things that we need. So, the following information will help you to answer what to prepare for traveling overseas.

1. Don’t Forget To Bring Important Document

If you decide to travel overseas, thus you need to bring your documents such as passport, Visa, and also identity card. Those important documents may not leave behind or lag. If they lag, you will get in trouble overseas or you might get a law problem. not only bring the important documents but also you need to make sure that the documents are up-to-date and still available. You need to check the expired and the validation of every single document. Therefore, you will not get into trouble when traveling overseas.

2. Make Sure The Stock Of Your Wallet

Actually, we should not check the stock of our wallet for traveling overseas only, but also for other travels. It occurs because we cannot go anywhere without having enough money to pay. Therefore, before we traveling overseas or other destinations, we should prepare and check the stock of the wallet. Make sure that the credit card is available to use and we have enough money. On the other hand, we should need to be aware and keep the wallet safe around the travel.

3. Be Aware of Any Travel Warnings

Deciding to travel overseas means we should obey the rule that exists in the destination country. Therefore we need to know and be aware of all the travel warnings to make us safe. Of course, every places or country have their own rules and warnings. We should know what are the warnings and rules as awareness. When we are traveled to another country, we should follow the rules. If we break the rules, we will get trouble that we cannot expect before.

4. Take The Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is almost important for all travelers around the world. For travelers, it is better for them to have such as travel insurance as the emergency medical and awareness in other countries. Moreover, travel insurance can give the traveler protection and help during the traveling time of an unexpected tragedy. Therefore, if we decide to travel overseas, we must buy and book travel insurance several months before D-day.

5. Get A Safe Pack For Your Belonging

When we travel to another country, it is normal to bring many things. Even we ever confused about what to prepare for traveling overseas. However, we should not only bring things but also pack the safety of things. Moreover, if we bring many or some fragile and expensive things such as jewelry, we need to make sure that its pack is safe.

Those are the 5 things about what to prepare for traveling overseas. Except for those 5 things, we need to make sure that we have brought all of the needed. Therefore, we will have a nice and wonderful traveling moment without any distractions.

5 Things What To Do In Jeju During Winter

Jeju is one of the islands in South Korea.  This island has warmer temperatures compared to other cities in Korea.  Despite having warmer temperatures, Jeju has quite thick snow.  We can witness firsthand the place with a vast expanse of snow on the lake. In winter, we can witness directly the whole place blanketed in the snow like a giant tapestry that envelops.  The scenery is very beautiful like we watch Korean drama series.  Here are 5 things What to do in Jeju during winter:

1. Hiking

Hiking is an activity that is often done in the spring.  But it’s different from Jeju.  One of the things about what to do in Jeju during winter is hiking to Hallasan Mountain. Because this area has beautiful views of snow covered scenery.  It’s a shame if you don’t visit this place

When you are in this place, you will see the beautiful view of Jeju filled with snow.  Your fatigue will pay off by seeing this beautiful view.  The snow here is quite thick compared to other cities in Korea.  Thus, you can play on snow like Ice Skating, making snowballs for snowmen.  You will also feel the place, where Korean artists do the snow-themed shooting.

2. Visiting Camellia Hill

This place is very beautiful, with a Camellia of flowers. Camellia flowers only grow during the Snow season.  That is why, when you are in Jeju during the winter you must come to this region.

Some spots in this place are very instagramable.  You will get a perfect and cool picture with a spot on Camellia Hill.  And will see the first-hand Camellia flower blooming during the winter.

3. Visiting Jeju Alive Museum

This is what to do in Jeju during winter.  Visit the 3-dimensional museum in Jeju.  You will see and can take pictures directly with the concept of 3 D. You will get knowledge as well as a good picture.  Surely it will be very unique because of the 3 D concept, which is different from the others.

Although this museum is open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, it is in Jeju during the winter.  There is no harm in coming to this museum.  In the winter this place is a favorite because the temperature is warmer than outside the museum.

4. Play Hide and Seek in the Labyrinthine

The labyrinth is very suitable as a playground to play hide and seek.  Uniquely, this labyrinth has a broad size.  You can invite friends or relatives to conquer this maze.  Surely it will have its own sense of satisfaction if it is able to find a way out of this labyrinth.

Jeju Gimnyeong Park’s labyrinth is the most complicated labyrinth in Jeju.  You can test your mentality if you make it through this maze.  Some Korean drama series have been shooting at this place.  That is why this place has become very famous.  Even curious foreign tourists want to visit this place.  Don’t forget to use a thick jacket because in winter this place gets very cold.

5. Visiting Halim Park

Halim Park is a tourist attraction in Jeju that is quite famous.  The existence of this park aims to preserve and introduce flora habitat to the wider community.  This park is very beautiful, and far from pollution.  For those of you who want to escape from a fairly solid office routine.  This park can be useful for calming the mind.

Finally, what to do in Jeju during winter is visiting this park.  This park often holds annual festivals that can attract the attention of tourists to come to visit.  When the festival is held, there are various kinds of hundreds of flowers that will be exhibited.  Moreover, this park is quite close to Halasan Hill.  So you can go one time when in Jeju by visiting several places that are tourist destinations.

Those are some of the activities that you will enjoy while in Jeju.  When you visit Jeju in the winter, don’t forget to keep on doing these activities, so you can still enjoy the beauty of Jeju even in the winter. So, you know what to do in Jeju during winter.

5 Best Destinations To Visit In March For Your Vacation

March is a very good month for a vacation because in some countries this month is the beginning of spring, where the weather starts to warm and sunny.  Various kinds of flowers began to bloom.  For those of you who want to vacation abroad in March.  Someplace references best destinations to visit in March you must know.  The following explanation:

1. Guangzhou, China

Visiting March in China, precisely in Guangzhou, is the right way.  Because in March, the weather is warmer than before.  You will also watch a few shows in March in Guangzhou. In March you are freer to move because there is no need to use a thick jacket like in winter.

You can visit West Lake, which  UNESCO protects this region, as one of the cultural heritage.  Guangzhou is the best one. Because in March the weather is stable and warmer, so it is suitable to enjoy the beauty of this region.

2. Washington DC

The American capital has become one of the best destinations to visit in March.  Because at that time, the weather was more stable to visit several tourist destinations in Washington DC. Some tourists often visit the place in Washington DC in March.

In March, Washington DC often holds the Cherry Blossom festival.  You can see cherry blossoms in Washington DC in bloom.  The cherry blossoms are a gift from the Japanese government for Washington DC.Don’t forget to bring a camera, to capture the annual celebration.

3. Japan

The next on this list of the best destinations to visit in March is Japan.  Japan is a native country where cherry blossoms originate.  That’s why Japan has another name, which is the sakura country.

If you want to go to Japan and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.  Where this month is spring, so the cherry blossoms begin to bloom along the streets and corners of the city.  Cherry blossoms will welcome you when they first step into Japan.  You will feel you are in a paradise of flowers.  Because cherry blossoms fill all the way, and abort the flowers, as if inexhaustible.

4. Chicago

This place is the best place to visit in March.  Because when spring comes, Chicago often holds a number of celebrations and festivals.  Including local food and wine festivals.Feast of euphoria for the people of Chicago.

If you want to visit this country in March, then you must participate in various folk festivals, try a variety of traditional foods, try a variety of grapes.  Surely it will be very fun for you.

5. Sidney Australia

Another best destinations to visit in March is Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, they often hold aboriginal and kangaroo tribal festivals, which are the hallmark of Australia. Therefore Australia always organizing the festival to attract the attention of tourists.

Australia often organizes these celebrations to preserve the indigenous tribes of Australia, and introduce them to tourists who come.  This is an attraction to visit Australia.  Australia is holding this festival in March. Thus, you must come to Australia in March.

Thus the explanation about some of the best destinations to visit in March.  For those of you who take time off and want a vacation in March, these places can be a reference.  This time you have no trouble finding the best tourist attractions in March.

Here Are What To Do In Washington DC To Chase Your Boring Day

Having a fun trip to someplace we did not ever visit before should be an interesting thing. One of the best places to visit in the United States of America is the capital city, Washington DC. Many people asking what to do in Washington DC because they think Washington is only about a crowded place. We can do a lot of activities there and it will be an interesting experience.

What to do in washington dc

Washington DC offers a lot of fun things like the monument, natural scenery and many more. Also, Washington DC has great events where we can see some famous artists on there. Above all, the stand inline destinations can bring you to unforgettable fun trip ever. Here the further answer to the question what to do in Washington DC. Check it out!

1. Shop and Fulfill Your Needs on Georgetown

One of the oldest and most favorite places in Washington DC they usually said is Georgetown. Georgetown will offer you some simple activities but it has more meaning. For example, you can drink your morning coffee at Grace Street Coffe and eat some slices of bread. They also offer you a lot of merchandise at a low price as long as you can bid it.

2. Visit Lincoln Memorial

One of the great men ever is Abraham Lincoln and you can found his monument on Washington DC. This place is one of the favorite places for travelers from around the world. Not only for the memorial but you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery near the building. Above all, visiting this place at night because you can meet fewer visitors and you can enjoy the attraction are better.

3. Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin

Cherry blossoms are the icon of the big Asian country, Japan. But, you don’t need to visit Japan to enjoy them because you can also find it on Tidal Basin. It would be the perfect package when you can enjoy Japan’s icon while visit Washington DC. Also, try to take a boat in the lake while enjoying the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms. But you should spend some costs near $15 – $18 in one hour f0r tw0 passengers boat.

4. Enjoy the Artworks in the National Gallery of Art

Washington DC is not only about the capital city but you can also find some artworks there. If you want to do something different with your girlfriend, then it will be the best choice. You can try to visit the National Gallery of Art and enjoy great old or modern works. This place also offers you the bar and cafes so you can enjoy the gelato while you are thirsty or hungry. Above all, try to visit this place near 5.30 to 8:30 pm and you can enjoy jazz music for free.

These activities are just small things you can do in Washington DC. You can have more than all of these activities on there, just try it by yourself. Now, your question about what to do in Washington DC has been answered. This city is not only about the capital city, but also about pleasant memories and wonderful scenery. 

Where To Visit in Croatia For An Awesome Holiday

Croatia is located in Europe and some of the areas face the Adriatic Sea. But maybe you are still confused about where to visit in Croatia when you come there. Don’t worry, here are 4 cities you can visit to fill the holiday.

Where to visit in croatia

1. Dubrovnik

Located in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is known as an old and historical city. This city is also the location of filming Game of Thrones series. Dubrovnik also offers a fascinating view. Faces directly to the Adriatic Sea, this city has some wonderful beaches with a different type. The blue and clear sea will make you feel relaxed.

Then, if you want to see a rocky beach, you can visit Lokrum Nude Beach on Lokrum Island. It is great for you who want to be alone for a while. The layering rocks will make you hidden from the other people. Thus, it made Dubrovnik as the perfect place if you’re asking where to visit in Croatia.

Meanwhile, a beach with pebbles is easier to find. Just visit Uvala Beach. It can be said that it is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. You can easily find a restaurant and bar here. For the other recommendation, there are also Banje Beach and Plat Beach.

2. Split

Go to the northwest from Dubrovnik, you will find Split as a city to visit. For you who love to come to an ancient building, this city is the right place. There, you can find a museum, a cathedral and even the palace. One of the most attention is Diocletian’s Palace. A Roman Emperor built it in the fourth century. You can visit it whenever you want because it is open for 24 hours.

Still, around the palace, there is a cathedral that is also the mausoleum of Diocletian. That is Cathedral of Saint Domnius. The locals call it Sveti Duje or Sveti Dujam.

3. Rijeka

There are various destinations to visit here. Rijeka is recommended if you are confused about where to visit in Croatia. Want to enjoy the blue sea while surfing? Go to Preluk Beach. On this beach, the wind blows in the morning. It is a great time for surfing fun. The other beaches, Ploče and Kostanj Bay are the perfect places for the disabled persons. Access to the sea, sanitary facility, and parking spaces for disabled persons are available here.

After enjoying the beach, go shopping would be interesting. This city has some shopping centers, from the traditional market to the modern. So, you can choose your preference. For the traditional one, you can go to the City Market. There are fruits, fishes, and also vegetables. All of them are fresh and feel so traditional. But if you want modern places, you can go to the ZTC or Tower Center Rijeka.

Other than that, Rijeka also has annual events you can see by following the schedule. Those events show any cultures and habits in Rijeka. There are Fiumanka, Fiumara, Ri Rock Festival, and Summer on Gradina.

4. Zagreb

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, has also some good destinations to visit. There is Maksimir Park, a wonderful park in Croatia. It includes a zoo with many animal species. Moreover, there are two museums that are different from others. Museum of Illusions exhibits many optical illusions. Some puzzles and games will blow and challenge your mind.

The Museum of Broken Relationship receives any personal objects that have memories of a broken relationship. They will exhibit it with some description of the visitors at the museum.

Those are 4 recommendations for you who still don’t know where to visit in Croatia. Each destination is special by its beautifulness. It is up to you, where do you want to visit first?

Slot Machine Odds – Can They Be Calculated?

In the beginning of slot machines ascertaining the chances of a game was basic. Lamentably all cutting edge slots are fueled by an irregular number generator and have weighted blends which implies you can’t in any capacity work out the game chances. Many “Slots Systems” state generally – they are incorrect.

Slot machines that were made preceding the arbitrary number generator was utilized can be investigated to discover the chances of any single mix being hit. This is because of the way that all images have a similar possibility of showing up on the compensation line. You can just check the quantity of images on the reels and work it out from that point.

For instance lets state you have an slot machine with three reels and on each reel there are 15 images. This makes 3375 (15x15x15) various potential mixes. Henceforth the possibility of hitting the top bonanza would be 1 of every 3375.

Back to advanced slots. There are numerous slots frameworks available to be purchased that still need you to accept that club have antique slot machines on the floors. While there are as yet turning reel type slots they are NOT equivalent to their classical family members.

While the turning reels have been left set up to give the dream of the first games, all advanced slots utilize RNG’s so their chances can’t be determined. We can anyway reveal to you that as a rule the chances of hitting the top big stake on most land based gambling club slots is no superior to between 500,000 to 1 and 1,000,000 to 1.

Obviously even with these one in a million chances numerous players hit huge bonanzas every day. Everything boils down to a certain something – being in the opportune spot at the perfect time. Karma can strike at any minute when playing slot online

RV Trip Tips For Beginner, Simple Things You Need To Know

Traveling using an RV is an alternative for you to decide when, where and how you want to enjoy a vacation. Of course, you will be freer when you travel using an RV. However, if you are still a beginner, you must know about RV trip tips for beginner.

RV trip tips for beginner

You will find it easier to travel using an RV if you know about trip tips using an RV. Moreover, you will know what you will do if you have problems when traveling using an RV. Here are RV trip tips for beginner you should know:

1. Get to Know Your RV

One of the things that you should prepare if you want to travel using an RV is that you have to know a lot about RV. Therefore, you should start learning about how RV machines work, even if you are only renting.

If you learn it, you can find out earlier if there is a problem with your RV one day. Even better if you can fix it yourself. This, of course, will save you time and money when you travel.

2. Take A Practice RV Drive

As a beginner, you certainly have to train yourself to drive an RV. If you were already proficient, you can take a short trip in the same terrain as your actual itinerary. This will facilitate you when you travel further and more challenging.

You can also find out what are the weaknesses of your RV and how to overcome them. For example, if there are many climbing paths, by practicing you can pass them more smoothly. You can also adjust the power and transmission when you make a long trip using an RV.

3. Bring Tools and Spare Parts

When you know more about your RV, you will definitely know the tools and spare parts that your RV will need. Therefore, bring the complete kit and spare parts that you might need. For example, you can carry jumper cables, nuts, bolts, additional fuses, light bulbs, and so on.

Besides, you should also bring unique spare parts for your rig needs. Because carrying complete tools and spare parts will make it easier for you when traveling and away from the workshop.

4. Make a Detailed Plan

Although you are freer to travel using an RV, it would be better if you prepare everything carefully. Especially, if you are a beginner when you want to travel using an RV. You need to plan a budget that you will spend on traveling.

Also prepare your food supply, whether you will cook yourself or buy food outside. In addition, prepare several alternative campgrounds for your overnight.

5. Create a Campground Setup Checklist

The next RV trip tips for beginner is making a checklist for campground setup. You should check your campsite if there are things that disturb your comfort. After that, you can check the sewage hookups, water, and also electrical connections that are important.

You can pull your RV and close it to the hookup then stabilize the jack. Lock your RV wheel and connect it to the electrical connection. Do not forget to install a sewer hose and put out the awning.

Using an RV when traveling is indeed not easy, especially if you are a beginner. So, it is better if you know about RV trip tips for beginner. You can travel safely and comfortably using an RV.

What To Do In Penang While You’re In Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a moment when you spend time together with your spouse more intimate. At that time you don’t just have fun or create romance memory, but also knowing deeper about your culture, habit, and many others. That is why a newly married couple sometimes escapes from the crowd. Penang is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon because of lots of things you can do there. If you are confused, we have recommendations for what to do in Penang with your spouse.

what to do in penang

The reason why we recommend you to go to Penang because you can feel Asian real life there. Mention all the things you wish to do, it starts from the culinary, traditional market, festival, until sightseeing is about local culture. Thus, make Penang now as your honeymoon destination option. See our list below about what to do in Penang for your honeymoon:

1. Join Tour in the Tropical Spice Garden

Spending quality time together doesn’t have to be the candlelight dinner. Holding hands with each other and breath the fresh air is also romantic. Register for the Tropical Spice Garden tour. You don’t only see the green plant, but also the fauna of Malaysia. It will be more interesting because there is a cooking class to prepare drink and dishes with the herbs.

2. Learn History at Fort Cornwallis

If you go to Penang, then you shouldn’t miss Fort Cornwallis. It is one of the popular destinations from the 18th century. Surprisingly, the building is still in good condition until now. You can see the statue of Francis Light stands proudly since you step in the entrance gate. Furthermore, there are lots of things you can explore together.

3. See Kek Lok Si Temple

This place is known as the biggest Buddhist temple around Southeast Asia. You will find the statue of Guanyin. The statue is a symbol of the Goddess of Mercy. Its height is 36.5 meters high. The temple is so amazing because it has a complex style, but still beautiful to look at. At the top of the building, you can see the inspiration of the Chinese base, Thai style, and the Burmese too.

4. Sunbathing on Batu Ferringhi Beach

Everybody who visits Asia should enjoy the sun. Thus, Batu Ferringhi beach must be added on your list. It is the best area to get sunbathing and relaxing on the sand. Or, if you want to swim is also okay. After your body feels tired, enjoy coconut with the breeze.

5. Have a Tea Time at Suffolk House

Before you enjoy the tea, you are able to take a little tour here. Because it is one of the historical buildings in Penang. The architecture shows a traditional British era. When you come into the building, you will know that it is Sir Francis Light home. He was the founder of Penang. Get the creamy green tea from the delicious pastries and sandwiches. This place fits for the historical trip and culinary.

If you plan for the culinary trip, you will find more about what to do in Penang. Because you will explore the restaurant, traditional food market, and many delicious spots. Do whatever both of you like to do. Honeymoon is about having fun, get more intimate, and build stronger trust.

Best Hiking Trail In The Us : Epic And Awesome

United States in addition to having an advanced city life, this country also has a variety of natural charms such as mountains. These mountains are usually used as a hiking trail by lovers of hiking sports. The following are the best hiking trail in the US that must be visited by hiking lovers.

1. Grinell Gracier

This hiking trail has an altitude of 2100 m or 7000 feet and is located in the area of Montana, US. This trail is part of the Glacier National Park and has the nickname George Bird Grinnell.This glacier is a paradise for climbers because it has more than 90 miles of trails.

There are two ways to get to this place namely the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead or by crossing through the lake. Climbers will be spoiled with incredible views. There is an alpine meadow, the Grinnell Glacier home, a view of the foot of Gould Mountain and the Gem Glacier.

2. Half Dome

The second best hiking trail in the US is the Half Dome. This path has phenomenal heights so climbers need permission to get here.On mile 14, the obstacle will be very difficult because it is getting steeper.There are several things that must be prepared before climbing on this path.

Preparations include carrying a gallon of water and using hiking shoes with good traction. Hikers are advised to start climbing from the mist trail at dawn. Then walk 900 feet to pass the giant Veral waterfall and the Nevada Fall. Most importantly, climbers should not climb when it rains.

3. The Lost Coast Trail

The Lost Cost Trail has a hiking distance of 25 miles. In addition to being the best hiking trail option, this track has a lot of charm that attracts climbers to come there.This very epic place is located in North California.

Hikers can visit a lighthouse named Punta Gorda. There is also a soft and rocky sand beach that allows climbers to camp there. There, climbers will be served with views of red wood gardens and fern caves.

4. Zion Narrows

The next best hiking trail in the US is Zion Narrows. Located in Zion National Park, this track has canyon walls and rivers to be a hiking trail.What distinguishes this hiking trail with others is the absence of a road that is too steep.

The wall is protected from sunlight which would be nice in summer. In this route hikers will need permission when climbing or returning. But there is one more relaxed downward path starting at Sinawava Temple and ending at Big Springs. Bring good hiking gear and use waterproof shoes to avoid slipperiness.

5. Hoh River Trail

This hiking trail is in the Hoh rain forest area or rather in Olympic National park. At an altitude of 31 miles, hikers will be presented with a view of a very lush rainforest ecosystem.There are cypress trees, cedar trees, moss stretches and green ferns.Along the road to the foot of Mount Olympus, you can find a place for camping.

Hikers must equip themselves with various equipment to deal with rain. In addition there is a beautiful Blue Glacier that can be taken. This place is also a wild area that has wildlife such as black bears and deer. Therefore, hikers must consult themselves before coming to this place.

The place above is the best hiking trail in the US. With hiking, people can release the stress that has been obtained while working. In addition, the body can become fitter with this one sport.

5 Best Places to Spend The New Year Eve In The World

December will end soon; this means you will celebrate New Year’s Eve. Have you determined where you will go to spend new year’s eve? However, you must be confused because there are many best places to spend the New Year eve.

There are many places around the world that you can choose to celebrate the New Year. You will see many fireworks that are very lively, which you will not see in other moments. The following is a list of the best places to spend the New Year eve:

1.     Sydney, Australia

The moment of New Year’s Eve in Sydney is always cheerful every year. One of the best spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve here is at the Sydney Opera House. To make it more memorable, you can rent a boat or order a restaurant by the sea.

You can also stay at the best hotels to enjoy this New Year’s Eve, like at Four Seasons. In addition, this hotel provides a panoramic view directly to the Opera House, Sydney Harbor, and Harbor Bridge. Therefore, you will have a New Year’s Eve experience that you will never forget.

2.     Tokyo, Japan

If you like the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve full of ancient traditions, you can visit Tokyo, Japan. It is because Japan has a tradition called Hatsumode, a tradition of visiting temples and temples for the first time during the New Year.

Japanese people began to come together after the sound of the temple bell 108 times in the middle of the night. The best place to see this tradition is the Zojoji Temple. However, you can also visit Shiba and Tokyo, which have super lively fireworks parties.

3.     Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This city is one of the best places to spend the New Year eve. You can feel the eccentric and luxurious New Year celebrations here. The main point if you want to celebrate a festive new year’s eve is in the Burj Khalifa.

You can see a spectacular show combining laser beams, fountains, and fireworks. Every year, Dubai always has new shows that are worthy of your viewing on New Year’s Eve. Even last year, they successfully presented high-tech lighting that was submitted for Guinness World Records.

4.     New York, United States

The best place you can visit to spend New Year’s Eve is in New York, United States. You can visit Times Square, one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. New year celebrations here have been a tradition since 1907.

You will see a lavish, beautiful and lively fireworks party. In addition, you will also see many Hollywood artists’ performances at the New Year celebration. If you visit New York on New Year’s Eve, you will get the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

5.     London, England

The other best destinations in the world that you can visit to celebrate the new year are in London, England. You can enjoy the new year celebration here at three locations at once, in the London Eye, the River Thames, and also Big Ben.

Usually, the new year’s eve celebrations will begin three hours before exactly 00:00. You can see the spectacular celebration of the New Year here. You can also watch this fireworks party from Victoria Embankment and also from South Bank.

Those are the 5 best places to spend the new year eve you should know. Moreover, of all these places, you will see a lively fireworks party that is very good for you to see. Of the five best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve, which one is your favorite place?