5 Best Destinations To Visit In March For Your Vacation

March is a very good month for a vacation because in some countries this month is the beginning of spring, where the weather starts to warm and sunny.  Various kinds of flowers began to bloom.  For those of you who want to vacation abroad in March.  Someplace references best destinations to visit in March you must know.  The following explanation:

1. Guangzhou, China

Visiting March in China, precisely in Guangzhou, is the right way.  Because in March, the weather is warmer than before.  You will also watch a few shows in March in Guangzhou. In March you are freer to move because there is no need to use a thick jacket like in winter.

You can visit West Lake, which  UNESCO protects this region, as one of the cultural heritage.  Guangzhou is the best one. Because in March the weather is stable and warmer, so it is suitable to enjoy the beauty of this region.

2. Washington DC

The American capital has become one of the best destinations to visit in March.  Because at that time, the weather was more stable to visit several tourist destinations in Washington DC. Some tourists often visit the place in Washington DC in March.

In March, Washington DC often holds the Cherry Blossom festival.  You can see cherry blossoms in Washington DC in bloom.  The cherry blossoms are a gift from the Japanese government for Washington DC.Don’t forget to bring a camera, to capture the annual celebration.

3. Japan

The next on this list of the best destinations to visit in March is Japan.  Japan is a native country where cherry blossoms originate.  That’s why Japan has another name, which is the sakura country.

If you want to go to Japan and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms.  Where this month is spring, so the cherry blossoms begin to bloom along the streets and corners of the city.  Cherry blossoms will welcome you when they first step into Japan.  You will feel you are in a paradise of flowers.  Because cherry blossoms fill all the way, and abort the flowers, as if inexhaustible.

4. Chicago

This place is the best place to visit in March.  Because when spring comes, Chicago often holds a number of celebrations and festivals.  Including local food and wine festivals.Feast of euphoria for the people of Chicago.

If you want to visit this country in March, then you must participate in various folk festivals, try a variety of traditional foods, try a variety of grapes.  Surely it will be very fun for you.

5. Sidney Australia

Another best destinations to visit in March is Sydney, Australia. In Sydney, they often hold aboriginal and kangaroo tribal festivals, which are the hallmark of Australia. Therefore Australia always organizing the festival to attract the attention of tourists.

Australia often organizes these celebrations to preserve the indigenous tribes of Australia, and introduce them to tourists who come.  This is an attraction to visit Australia.  Australia is holding this festival in March. Thus, you must come to Australia in March.

Thus the explanation about some of the best destinations to visit in March.  For those of you who take time off and want a vacation in March, these places can be a reference.  This time you have no trouble finding the best tourist attractions in March.