Places to Go When Travel to East Europe

One of the best destinations for either spending a holiday or traveling in Europe. People usually visit Europe’s big countries like France, England, and Dutch. However, there are other beautiful places that people could also visit. Not only it has great places, but East Europe also has a rich culture and activities. People seem not to know the places during travel to East Europe. Whereas, there are plenty of places that they could enjoy.

The best thing about traveling to East Europe is that people could spend less money than in West Europe. The prices here are cheaper starting from the accommodations to the foods. Even though everything is cheaper in East Europe, it is still worth to visit. For those who are planning to take a holiday, East Europe should be on the top list. To give more information about it, here are top places people should go during travel to East Europe:

1. The Stunning Czech Republic

Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe. It has one of the most romantic and beautiful capitals in Europe. Moreover, this country is stunning with culture, legend, and history. Czech Republic is famous of its castles, Bohemian Palace and its architecture. Visitors could also enjoy the mountain and the villages near.

2. Colorful Turkey

One of the best places to go when travel to East Europe is Turkey. People could enjoy the beautiful nature like moonscape hills and the beaches. The famous tourist activity is the colorful air balloons, with nature as the background. The air balloons have many variants of color that decorate the sky. It would be difficult to get this kind of view in other places.

3. Lovely Croatia

Croatia is a lovely country, with a combination of its beautiful architecture and nature. Not only the country that is lovely but also the people there are warm and welcome to tourists. For traveling, people could enjoy the National Park, the Lake, and the landscapes. For relaxation, people could visit the Diocletian Palace for a cup of coffee.

4. A warm winter in Slovenia

The next place to visit when travel to East Europe is Slovenia. It is suggested that people visit here during the cold season. It has a stunning landscape with a thick ancient forest. Although it is winter, people could see the transparent water, the colorful fishing villages and beautiful architecture with snows around. The popular seaside destination here also has a stunning cave.

5. Popular Bulgaria

Bulgaria is filled with many attractive things. Staring with the sandy beaches, solid forests, ski mountain resort, lively nightlife, the architecture and also the tasty foods. This place is perfect for both seasons whether it is summer or winter. Moreover, Bulgaria has one of the oldest cities in Europe, making this country an important cultural place in Europe.

So those are the places that people could visit during travel to East Europe. There are so many options for beautiful and attractive places to visit. However, make sure the double-check on the weather before visiting. Most of the destinations are outdoor so avoid the bad weather.