5 Things What To Do In Jeju During Winter

Jeju is one of the islands in South Korea.  This island has warmer temperatures compared to other cities in Korea.  Despite having warmer temperatures, Jeju has quite thick snow.  We can witness firsthand the place with a vast expanse of snow on the lake. In winter, we can witness directly the whole place blanketed in the snow like a giant tapestry that envelops.  The scenery is very beautiful like we watch Korean drama series.  Here are 5 things What to do in Jeju during winter:

1. Hiking

Hiking is an activity that is often done in the spring.  But it’s different from Jeju.  One of the things about what to do in Jeju during winter is hiking to Hallasan Mountain. Because this area has beautiful views of snow covered scenery.  It’s a shame if you don’t visit this place

When you are in this place, you will see the beautiful view of Jeju filled with snow.  Your fatigue will pay off by seeing this beautiful view.  The snow here is quite thick compared to other cities in Korea.  Thus, you can play on snow like Ice Skating, making snowballs for snowmen.  You will also feel the place, where Korean artists do the snow-themed shooting.

2. Visiting Camellia Hill

This place is very beautiful, with a Camellia of flowers. Camellia flowers only grow during the Snow season.  That is why, when you are in Jeju during the winter you must come to this region.

Some spots in this place are very instagramable.  You will get a perfect and cool picture with a spot on Camellia Hill.  And will see the first-hand Camellia flower blooming during the winter.

3. Visiting Jeju Alive Museum

This is what to do in Jeju during winter.  Visit the 3-dimensional museum in Jeju.  You will see and can take pictures directly with the concept of 3 D. You will get knowledge as well as a good picture.  Surely it will be very unique because of the 3 D concept, which is different from the others.

Although this museum is open every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, it is in Jeju during the winter.  There is no harm in coming to this museum.  In the winter this place is a favorite because the temperature is warmer than outside the museum.

4. Play Hide and Seek in the Labyrinthine

The labyrinth is very suitable as a playground to play hide and seek.  Uniquely, this labyrinth has a broad size.  You can invite friends or relatives to conquer this maze.  Surely it will have its own sense of satisfaction if it is able to find a way out of this labyrinth.

Jeju Gimnyeong Park’s labyrinth is the most complicated labyrinth in Jeju.  You can test your mentality if you make it through this maze.  Some Korean drama series have been shooting at this place.  That is why this place has become very famous.  Even curious foreign tourists want to visit this place.  Don’t forget to use a thick jacket because in winter this place gets very cold.

5. Visiting Halim Park

Halim Park is a tourist attraction in Jeju that is quite famous.  The existence of this park aims to preserve and introduce flora habitat to the wider community.  This park is very beautiful, and far from pollution.  For those of you who want to escape from a fairly solid office routine.  This park can be useful for calming the mind.

Finally, what to do in Jeju during winter is visiting this park.  This park often holds annual festivals that can attract the attention of tourists to come to visit.  When the festival is held, there are various kinds of hundreds of flowers that will be exhibited.  Moreover, this park is quite close to Halasan Hill.  So you can go one time when in Jeju by visiting several places that are tourist destinations.

Those are some of the activities that you will enjoy while in Jeju.  When you visit Jeju in the winter, don’t forget to keep on doing these activities, so you can still enjoy the beauty of Jeju even in the winter. So, you know what to do in Jeju during winter.