What To Do In Netherland? Here Is The List

Traveling Europe will need so much time because every country has its own unique attraction. Netherland has it too, so you better go there and don’t miss anything in it. Here is the list of 5 things to do in the Netherland.

1. Exploring Amsterdam’s Canal

The first thing that to do in Netherland is exploring Amsterdam. Not only Vienna, but Amsterdam also has a pretty canal. You can go there and enjoy the trip on the canal. The view is also great, you will see buildings on the right and left. Amsterdam actually has three canals, which is so big and fun to explore.

To enter Amsterdam’s Canal you can book any cruise you want. There would be a lot of choices that also can be adjusted to your budget. Going to this canal would make you feel relax and can see Amsterdam from a different point of view.

2. Go To Zaanse Schans

This place is located in the North Netherlands. Here you can see the iconic windmill of the Netherlands and some old-style houses. Going here is almost the most important thing to do by the tourist. Because of the many attractions for them here.

For example, the Zaans museum which shows some collections about cultural stuff from the Netherlands. Coming here means you not only traveling but also learn about the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans can be enjoyed by kids or adults. There are also a lot of hotels, you can spend some nights there too so all parts of Zaans can be explored perfectly.

3. Go To Hoge Veluwe National Park

If you want to see another side of the Netherlands go to Veluwe National Park. Here you will meet some animals and see their wildlife. In this park, you also can see a beautiful landscape with trees, grass, and some hills. This park is so wide, it’s about 55 hectares.

4. Explore Village Of Marken

The Netherlands has a village that offers a pretty view of colorful buildings. The village of Marken is surrounded by canals. This village is famous because of its beauty. The house also beautifies by the green of the grass and tree.

The harmonious color of the village will make you feel happy instantly. People also called this village as a fishing village too. You can see the iconic lighthouse called Paard Van Marken near the souvenir store, and museum.

5. Go To Madurodam

The next what to do in Netherland is going to Madurodam. This is a good place to spend a day on your holiday. There you can see the little Netherlands. Almost all iconic buildings in Netherland have made so tiny and become a miniature there.

The detail is so awesome. If you don’t have much time to explore the Netherlands but want to see a whole of it, just go to this place. This is a very recommended thing about what to do in the Netherland.

Those are five recommended places to visit and what to do in Netherland. Actually, there are more interesting things to do there. But that list can be your choice if you don’t have a long time there.