Here Are What To Do In Washington DC To Chase Your Boring Day

Having a fun trip to someplace we did not ever visit before should be an interesting thing. One of the best places to visit in the United States of America is the capital city, Washington DC. Many people asking what to do in Washington DC because they think Washington is only about a crowded place. We can do a lot of activities there and it will be an interesting experience.

What to do in washington dc

Washington DC offers a lot of fun things like the monument, natural scenery and many more. Also, Washington DC has great events where we can see some famous artists on there. Above all, the stand inline destinations can bring you to unforgettable fun trip ever. Here the further answer to the question what to do in Washington DC. Check it out!

1. Shop and Fulfill Your Needs on Georgetown

One of the oldest and most favorite places in Washington DC they usually said is Georgetown. Georgetown will offer you some simple activities but it has more meaning. For example, you can drink your morning coffee at Grace Street Coffe and eat some slices of bread. They also offer you a lot of merchandise at a low price as long as you can bid it.

2. Visit Lincoln Memorial

One of the great men ever is Abraham Lincoln and you can found his monument on Washington DC. This place is one of the favorite places for travelers from around the world. Not only for the memorial but you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery near the building. Above all, visiting this place at night because you can meet fewer visitors and you can enjoy the attraction are better.

3. Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin

Cherry blossoms are the icon of the big Asian country, Japan. But, you don’t need to visit Japan to enjoy them because you can also find it on Tidal Basin. It would be the perfect package when you can enjoy Japan’s icon while visit Washington DC. Also, try to take a boat in the lake while enjoying the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms. But you should spend some costs near $15 – $18 in one hour f0r tw0 passengers boat.

4. Enjoy the Artworks in the National Gallery of Art

Washington DC is not only about the capital city but you can also find some artworks there. If you want to do something different with your girlfriend, then it will be the best choice. You can try to visit the National Gallery of Art and enjoy great old or modern works. This place also offers you the bar and cafes so you can enjoy the gelato while you are thirsty or hungry. Above all, try to visit this place near 5.30 to 8:30 pm and you can enjoy jazz music for free.

These activities are just small things you can do in Washington DC. You can have more than all of these activities on there, just try it by yourself. Now, your question about what to do in Washington DC has been answered. This city is not only about the capital city, but also about pleasant memories and wonderful scenery.