Where To Visit in Croatia For An Awesome Holiday

Croatia is located in Europe and some of the areas face the Adriatic Sea. But maybe you are still confused about where to visit in Croatia when you come there. Don’t worry, here are 4 cities you can visit to fill the holiday.

Where to visit in croatia

1. Dubrovnik

Located in the south of Croatia, Dubrovnik is known as an old and historical city. This city is also the location of filming Game of Thrones series. Dubrovnik also offers a fascinating view. Faces directly to the Adriatic Sea, this city has some wonderful beaches with a different type. The blue and clear sea will make you feel relaxed.

Then, if you want to see a rocky beach, you can visit Lokrum Nude Beach on Lokrum Island. It is great for you who want to be alone for a while. The layering rocks will make you hidden from the other people. Thus, it made Dubrovnik as the perfect place if you’re asking where to visit in Croatia.

Meanwhile, a beach with pebbles is easier to find. Just visit Uvala Beach. It can be said that it is one of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik. You can easily find a restaurant and bar here. For the other recommendation, there are also Banje Beach and Plat Beach.

2. Split

Go to the northwest from Dubrovnik, you will find Split as a city to visit. For you who love to come to an ancient building, this city is the right place. There, you can find a museum, a cathedral and even the palace. One of the most attention is Diocletian’s Palace. A Roman Emperor built it in the fourth century. You can visit it whenever you want because it is open for 24 hours.

Still, around the palace, there is a cathedral that is also the mausoleum of Diocletian. That is Cathedral of Saint Domnius. The locals call it Sveti Duje or Sveti Dujam.

3. Rijeka

There are various destinations to visit here. Rijeka is recommended if you are confused about where to visit in Croatia. Want to enjoy the blue sea while surfing? Go to Preluk Beach. On this beach, the wind blows in the morning. It is a great time for surfing fun. The other beaches, Ploče and Kostanj Bay are the perfect places for the disabled persons. Access to the sea, sanitary facility, and parking spaces for disabled persons are available here.

After enjoying the beach, go shopping would be interesting. This city has some shopping centers, from the traditional market to the modern. So, you can choose your preference. For the traditional one, you can go to the City Market. There are fruits, fishes, and also vegetables. All of them are fresh and feel so traditional. But if you want modern places, you can go to the ZTC or Tower Center Rijeka.

Other than that, Rijeka also has annual events you can see by following the schedule. Those events show any cultures and habits in Rijeka. There are Fiumanka, Fiumara, Ri Rock Festival, and Summer on Gradina.

4. Zagreb

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb, has also some good destinations to visit. There is Maksimir Park, a wonderful park in Croatia. It includes a zoo with many animal species. Moreover, there are two museums that are different from others. Museum of Illusions exhibits many optical illusions. Some puzzles and games will blow and challenge your mind.

The Museum of Broken Relationship receives any personal objects that have memories of a broken relationship. They will exhibit it with some description of the visitors at the museum.

Those are 4 recommendations for you who still don’t know where to visit in Croatia. Each destination is special by its beautifulness. It is up to you, where do you want to visit first?