Honeymoon is a moment when you spend time together with your spouse more intimate. At that time you don’t just have fun or create romance memory, but also knowing deeper about your culture, habit, and many others. That is why a newly married couple sometimes escapes from the crowd. Penang is one of the best places to go for a honeymoon because of lots of things you can do there. If you are confused, we have recommendations for what to do in Penang with your spouse.

what to do in penang

The reason why we recommend you to go to Penang because you can feel Asian real life there. Mention all the things you wish to do, it starts from the culinary, traditional market, festival, until sightseeing is about local culture. Thus, make Penang now as your honeymoon destination option. See our list below about what to do in Penang for your honeymoon:

1. Join Tour in the Tropical Spice Garden

Spending quality time together doesn’t have to be the candlelight dinner. Holding hands with each other and breath the fresh air is also romantic. Register for the Tropical Spice Garden tour. You don’t only see the green plant, but also the fauna of Malaysia. It will be more interesting because there is a cooking class to prepare drink and dishes with the herbs.

2. Learn History at Fort Cornwallis

If you go to Penang, then you shouldn’t miss Fort Cornwallis. It is one of the popular destinations from the 18th century. Surprisingly, the building is still in good condition until now. You can see the statue of Francis Light stands proudly since you step in the entrance gate. Furthermore, there are lots of things you can explore together.

3. See Kek Lok Si Temple

This place is known as the biggest Buddhist temple around Southeast Asia. You will find the statue of Guanyin. The statue is a symbol of the Goddess of Mercy. Its height is 36.5 meters high. The temple is so amazing because it has a complex style, but still beautiful to look at. At the top of the building, you can see the inspiration of the Chinese base, Thai style, and the Burmese too.

4. Sunbathing on Batu Ferringhi Beach

Everybody who visits Asia should enjoy the sun. Thus, Batu Ferringhi beach must be added on your list. It is the best area to get sunbathing and relaxing on the sand. Or, if you want to swim is also okay. After your body feels tired, enjoy coconut with the breeze.

5. Have a Tea Time at Suffolk House

Before you enjoy the tea, you are able to take a little tour here. Because it is one of the historical buildings in Penang. The architecture shows a traditional British era. When you come into the building, you will know that it is Sir Francis Light home. He was the founder of Penang. Get the creamy green tea from the delicious pastries and sandwiches. This place fits for the historical trip and culinary.

If you plan for the culinary trip, you will find more about what to do in Penang. Because you will explore the restaurant, traditional food market, and many delicious spots. Do whatever both of you like to do. Honeymoon is about having fun, get more intimate, and build stronger trust.