Charles Quittner (Director) is a facilitator of ensembles and pizza. Directing: It’s Cymbeline 🤷 (The Brick), Everyday Afroplay (JACK), Toxic If Swallowed (Irondale Center, ARS NOVA), The Commercially Unviable Queer Trash Theatre Cycle (Dixon Place), Bottom of the Scrum (Dixon Place, my backyard), Charmander the Stray (JACK), Take Your Fuckin’ Goldendoodle & Go Home (5 on a Match), Billy Lloyd at Joe’s Pub. Producing: The Dudleys! A Family Game (Loading Dock Theatre/HERE), Sound Bites 2014, Good Girl Gone Bad (HERE), and Electra (Envelope Ensemble). Program Director for Forklift @ Loading Dock Theatre. Shuga Pie Supreme. @rougeduck