Born in Venezuela, from a Cuban father and Venezuelan mother, Gabriel started studying dance in Caracas at the Venezuelan Latin Dance School where he learned Afro Caribbean styles including Salsa, Bachata, Mambo Cha-cha, Guaguanco, rumba afro-Venezuelan and break dance. Gabriel decided to broaden his horizon and left for Europe to study contemporary dance at studio 68 and The Place dance school where he learned break dance, improvisation and hip hop. In Dublin he was part of a TV show as a performer for the Irish television version of “The Voice Ireland.”

In 2013 Gabriel got a scholarship at Peridance Capezio Center for 3 years and decided to move to New York to expand his vision. Since being at Peridance, he has performed pieces by choreographers such as Igal Perry, Michele Oliva, Marlena Wolfe, Cindy Salgado, Jesse Zaritt, and Milton Myers. Gabriel is currently training with mentors as Manuel Vignoulle, Isaies Santamaria and Gregory Dolbashian. As a freelancer, he is been working in 2015 in Belgium for a famous choreographer, Jose Besprosvany, artistic director of IDEA Dance Company, for a project call ESPEJO and performed at Varia Theater.

Gabriel joined cullen+them in 2016, and he is inspired by the unique approach Hannah Cullen uses in creating work. He is excited to continue working with cullen+them in the future.